The Dayton Printmakers Cooperative

The Dayton Printmakers Cooperative (DPC) provides printmaking facilities and a studio environment for artists to pursue their creative work. DPC is a not-for-profit alliance of artists and printmakers who collectively maintain and support the print studio through active participation and monthly member dues. Members can participate in DPC workshops, portfolio exchanges and group exhibitions, and have 24-hour access to the print studio (see membership page for membership levels.) The print studio is equipped with presses, equipment and supplies to assist artists in making their artwork (see facilities page for a complete list.) DPC is one of five artist run cooperative print studios located in Ohio.

A monthly members’ meeting brings all participating members together to discuss and manage the details, supplies and smooth functioning of the print studio. Time is set aside following the monthly meeting for members to share their current work with other members, eat and chat.

The Dayton Printmakers Cooperative History

Originally the Dayton Printmakers Cooperative was The Dayton Art Institute Printmakers Cooperative founded in 1983 by Ray Must and Mary Campbell-Zopf. It was an out-growth of the printmaking studio classes offered through The Dayton Art Institute’s School of Art which closed in the late 1970s. When The Dayton Art Institute (DAI) undertook museum renovations in 1994, the Printmakers’ Cooperative needed to find a new home. The DAI entrusted the presses and equipment to the Dayton Visual Arts Center and the members of the cooperative searched for a new home.

In 1996, the Printmakers’ Cooperative members found a new studio space located at 913 Keowee Street in Dayton, Ohio and changed the group’s name to the Dayton Printmakers Cooperative. The Dayton Printmakers Cooperative has continued to grow, supported by artist members, and in partnership with the Dayton Visual Arts Center.

Dayton/Kyoto International Print Exchange Invitational

The 2016 theme for the Dayton/Kyoto International Print Exchange Invitational is Storm. The exhibition will be hosted by The Springfield Museum of Art in Springfield, Ohio during fall 2016 and spring 2017. DPC members are invited to submit a small edition print for this unique partnership and international exhibition.

The Dayton/Kyoto International Print Exchange Invitational began in 2002. Sherraid Scott and Keiko Yuasa collaborated to bring about this partnership between printmakers in Kyoto, Japan and the Dayton Printmakers Cooperative. Each year DPC and the Kyoto group decide on a theme for members to pursue.  The process is informal, and alternates between Dayton and Kyoto. 

Past exhibitions include: Faces, Wright State University Experimental Gallery; Metamorphosis, Dayton Metro Public Library; Things with Four Legs, Riverbend Gallery; Bridges, The Dayton Visual Arts Center; Hibernation, Wright State University Experimental Gallery; Home/IE, Springfield Museum of Art; Forest, Glen Helen Atrium Gallery; and Song, The Dayton Visual Arts Center