2104 Photo Lithography workshop

Our first Summer Workshop is complete.  Our next workshop Collagraphy is coming up fast, June 28-29. SIGN UP NOW!!!

Co-op member, Aaryn Combs , posted some photos after finishing the Photo Litho Plate workshop taught by Micah Zavacky. See some prints & participants below and Sherraid is sorting our type while waiting to print!

photo litho 2 photo litho 3 photo litho 6

photo litho 4   photo litho 5

And Sherraid sorting our type sets while waiting to print.  Thanks Sherraid!
sherriad with type

New Open Studio Hours for 2014

First & Second & Third Saturdays from noon – 5pm
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1pm – 4pm

We are making a change to our Open Studio hours this year. Due to the popularity of our First Saturdays we are adding two more Saturdays and two days during the week. Check out the Co-Op, print that plate you’ve had in the closet for years or come in and start a new project. A $5 fee covers the use of studio equipment and supplies, and we also have a selection of woodblocks, linoleum, copper and paper available for purchase.  Call the phone number posted on the door of the open studio day/time to be let in to the facility.


A Brief Introduction to Relief Printmaking with Thomas Shahan -youtube

A Brief Introduction to Relief Printmaking with Thomas Shahan

This is a very nice introduction into the process of relief printmaking.  Shahan explores a brief history, referencing Holbeing and Dure, followed by several modern and contemporary printmakers.  He then demonstrates the process via his own work with MDF (medium density fiberboard) using what appears to be lino cuttools.
His work is clearly inspired by the classics artists like Bosch. His line work is intricate.  Then a quick explanation of inking and then to the press.  He opulls a few prints and then shows more of his own work. And finishes with some lino cut images.  Very informative introductory video.

More artwork here: http://thomasshahan.com/