FACILITIES and Processes

Main Press Room

Screen Printing Room
    View of Screen printing room

What is Printmaking?

Printmaking is a process that enables an artist to make small editions (several copies of the same image) or variations of an image. There are several techniques under the umbrella of printmaking: screen printing, etching or intaglio, lithography, relief printing, monotype printing and letterpress. Artwork produced using printmaking techniques can be very painterly (monotypes), support direct drawing (lithography and etching), develop through steps, additions and subtractions (etching) or have a clean-edge graphic quality (screen printing and letterpress.)

The Dayton Printmakers Cooperative print facility is located on the second floor of a building which houses several other artist studio spaces, rest rooms, a small kitchen and a freight elevator. Entrance to the building and to the studio is secure and available to members with key access. A ramp to the freight elevator makes DPC wheelchair accessible. The heated and air conditioned (1025 square foot) space includes a wall of windows providing north light and is broken into two areas; one for screen printing and the other area for relief, lithography and intaglio printing.


Rembrandt etching press, 24″ x 42″ — etching, engraving, monoprint and embossing.
Charles Brand etching press, 18 x 36″ — etching, monoprint, relief printing with micrometer adjustments.
Glen Alps etching press, 40″ x 66″ — motorized, etching, engraving, relief printing,
large monoprinting, embossing, and collagraph printing.
Vandercook proof press, 15″ x 25″– relief printing, type and book printing.
Griffin lithographic press, 30″ x 48″ — plate and stone lithography.
Parker lithographic press, 24″ x 36″ — plate and stone lithography.
Screen printing vacuum table, 36″ x 48″