Hot Metal Type Casting Demo

On Sunday June 5th, Kim Vito and Diane Stemper, DPC members, drove to Piqua to visit Greg Walter’s incredible collection of type machines and presses, and to see demonstrations of type casting machines. It was fascinating to watch and Greg is an amazing wealth of detailed information about each machine, how it works, the history and how many are currently in use.

Greg will do another demonstration on Saturday June 11. For more info, look for the email from Sherraid who forwarded the invite from Greg to DPC group.

We watched slugs (spacing for type setting) being made with hot metal. Then Greg ran a Thompson type casting machine that casts individual letters and ATF Giant Pivotal typecaster, a very large hydraulic machine, rather intimidating as it spits hot metal (!), that can cast large type (see letter F photo.)

Finally, visitors were able to operate a Ludlow type casting machine that casts line of type (see photo of name.) These processes were once the standard for newspapers and all print product (through the 1950s) prior to off-set litho (1960s and on.) We are lucky to have such a resource so close to Dayton. Kim and I highly recommend visiting on Saturday.

Please contact Greg the day before if you plan to go to Saturday June 11th demo.