Kaz: The Life and Art of Kazuko Radtke

Kazuko Radtke was a printmaker, painter  and actively involved with the Dayton art community. Members of the Dayton Printmakers Cooperative were saddened earlier this year to learn of the passing of Kaz. Kaz was a member of the co-op for many years; during that time she continuous demonstrated passion for her work, encouraged the growth within other printmaking, and  shared her talents within the co-op.

Kaz: The Life and Art of Kazuko Radtke

We now have the opportunity to share in the viewing of Kazuko’s extensive portfolio of work. In preparation for this exhibition, DPC members shared their thoughts and memories of Kaz.

B. Weinert-McBee spoke fondly, “I had the privilege to work alongside Kaz.”  McBee commented on Kaz’s loyalty to the co-op, the passion she demonstrated for her art, and her willingness to offer suggestions on artwork.

Others reminisced that Kaz was a life enthusiast and always encouraged artists to get involved within the community of the co-op. S. Scott  stated that,  “Kaz is an artist with a very special eye, the ability to see art in things around her and to appreciate others work. She was generous with her time and participated in meetings and workshops at the co-op.  Her enthusiasm and skill made Kaz a participant in many many DPC portfolios and shows.  She liked to share her memories of growing up in Japan and would make an etching or a wood block of something that had stuck with her through all the years. I guess I remember her best for her eagerness and curiosity about art and the world around her.” 

Location: Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries, Wright State University. 3640 Colonel Glenn Highway, Creative Arts Center, Dayton Ohio 45435.

Exhibition Dates: June 7th – June 16th. An opening reception will be held on June 7th from 7pm – 10 pm

Further details regarding Kaz: The Life and Art of Kazuko Radtke, can be referenced at www.wright.edu/artgalleries.