Membership in the Dayton Printmakers Cooperative is open to anyone interested in the art of printmaking. All new members are required to be familiar with at least one printmaking technique, take a safety studio tour prior to using the studio, and adhere to and abide by the guidelines set forth in the Membership Agreement. Members and Friends receive a bi-annual e-newsletter and invitations to exhibitions and events. All members and guests must be 18 years of age or older.

Membership Categories

FULL-TIME members pay $60 a month and agree to a year-long membership ($720.00) and may pay their dues monthly at the members’ monthly meeting.  Benefits of a full time membership include a flat file drawer for personal storage, 24-hour access to the studio and the opportunity to participate in all exhibitions, sales and activities.  Workshop fees are at a reduced rate.

Full-Time members are welcome to bring a guest or family member for the occasional visit to see the print studio. Guests are encouraged to become members if they want to print on a regular basis. Children younger than 18 years of age and pets are not allowed in the print studio for their own safety and insurance reasons.

STUDENT members pay $35 a month while in school and for the first year after graduation.  Student members agree to a year-long membership and have 24-hour use of the studio.

FRIENDS of the Co-op are important members of DPC whose support contributes to the ongoing operational needs of DPC. Friends donate a minimum of $25 a year and agree to pay full price for all workshops attended unless they are leading the workshop. Friends receive the bi-annual e-newsletter along with invitations to all exhibitions, receptions and events. If Friends want to use the facilities, they are invited to become FULL-TIME members.

Dayton Printmakers Cooperative, Organization Officers 2017:

President: Gretchen Durst Jacobs
Vice President: Kim Vito
Treasurer: Doug Taylor
Secretary: Sherraid Scott