Photos from our Drypoint Monotype/Monoprint Workshop Sept. 19-20.

DRYPOINT MONOTYPE/MONOPRINT  Workshop Instructor: Kevin Harris. Participants created multi-color images from plexiglass plates with and without drypoint etched imagery.  Saturday & Sunday, Sept.19th-20th

Some photos from workshop – by Kim Vito (member).


rint workshop - kevin harris - printing
Instructor Kevin Harris: printing
Drypoint monoprint workshop - kevin harris and sherraid scott - print
Kevin Harris and Sherraid Scott: Viewing a proof.
Drypoint monoprint workshop - kevin harris inking
Instructor Kevin Harris: Demonstrating inking.









Both monoprints and monotypes involve the transfer of ink from a matrix. However, monotypes are printed from applying ink to a featureless plate (print matrix), which the artist manipulates to create one unique print, while monoprints are created by applying ink to a plate (print matrix) that already has marks that are permanent. Each print from a monoprint is essentially a variation on the theme as the plate can be inked differently prior to each print.  There can be infinite variations.