Let’s Print Together

The Dayton City Paper recently published, Let’s Print Together, which featured several of our printmakers including: DPC Founding Member, Ray Must; Co-President, Sherraid Scott; as well as other local printmakers. Writer, Shayna V. McConville, took time to visit the co-op, speak with members, experience an open studio and encapsulate the passion our members have for DPC and their art.

It’s a great read! This article can also be referenced at the Dayton City Paper’s website, www.daytoncitypaper.com; reference back issue Volume 10, Number 23.

 Let's Print Together

Let's Print Together


Printers on Exhibition!

The Dayton Printmakers Cooperative is very proud of the members represented within the Dayton Visual Arts Center’s If a Tree Falls… and Rosewood Gallery’s The View exhibitions. DPC members featured within these exhibitions include Aaron Ardell, Andrea Starkey,  Barb Weinert-McBee,  Gretchen Durst Jacobs,  Lisa Foster,  Micah Zavacky, Sarah Rodriguez, and Sherraid Scott.



Rosewood Gallery’s The View is open June 10th through July 12th.

DVAC’s If a Tree Falls… is on view beginning June 18th through June 29th, with the reception and poetry reading occurring on Friday, June 21st, 5-8pm. The reading will begin at 6:30pm.

Steamroller Printmaking: Flat Out Fun!

Steamroller Printmaking: Flat Out Fun concluded yesterday evening as part Dayton’s Urban Nights line-up. Although it sprinkled throughout the day, the rain was not a deterrent. Printers arrived ready and prepared with linoleum blocks, raincoats, and umbrellas.

DPC members worked on individual parking prints as well as a collaborative 3-ft x 3-ft linoleum block.  Cheers erupted from the crowd with the reveal of each pulled print.

Steamroller Printmaking: Flat Out Fun! — Friday May 10, 2013

When: Friday  May 10, 2013 URBAN NIGHTS in Dayton
Time: 5-9
Where:  Stivers School for the Arts, 1313 E. Fifth St.
We are five short days away from Steamroller: Flat Out Fun! This year’s event will be part of the Urban Nights line up and is jointly hosted by the Dayton Visual Art Center and Stivers School for the Arts. Members of the Dayton Printmakers Cooperative could not be more excited to participate. A print from prior steamroller event is currently hanging within the studio and we anxiously await to add to the collection. DPC members have been carving the large linoleum block for some time and the efforts certainly shows.

There is no better way to spend a Friday evening, and officially ring in the summer art season, than by working side-by-side with Ohio printmakers!The Dayton Printmakers Cooperative. Steamroller: Flat Out Fun!