The Dayton/Kyoto Print Exchange Invitational Reception

The Dayton/Kyoto Print Exchange Invitational reception was held on Sunday, November 9, 2013. There is possibly no better venue to exhibit a ‘forest’ themed exhibition than within the Glen Helen Nature Preserve.  Just walking the tree lined path to the Glen Helen House primes viewers for the dozens of forest prints that reside inside.

Dayton/Kyoto Invitational Exchange Reception

Dayton/Kyoto Invitational Exchange


DPC printers spoke to the processes used for the prints on exhibition; thanks to Al Lochtefeld who spoke to Serigraph, Aaryn Combs who covered Collagraph, Kathryn Pitstick who detailed Intaglio ink applications, and Andrea Starkey who did a small demo on Moku Hanga. Those in attendance certainly got an idea at how diverse and approachable printmaking can be.

The exhibition and reception have been a huge success, a special thanks to everyone who was able to attended and share the experience.


The Dayton/Kyoto Print Exchange Invitational is available for viewing through January 9, 2014. Location: Glen Helen Building Atrium, 405 Corry Street, Yellow Springs, Ohio.