Wooden Printing Press

From CraftandConcept.com

So you think you can build a press?

Making custom printing presses is an industry and skill that has dwindled in response to fine art schools and print shops being the only ones who needed such machines anymore. Of course things like etching presses and Lithography presses are not needed in a economical since these days, but they are still used to make fine art more accessible. There are still people all across the globe that build handmade printing presses. Anyone that really wants to can make a printing press. Experienced makers can build more complex designs of a press, and even fewer can design the parts and assemble them to make a machine on their own. Building your own printing press takes a variety of skills and a good plan. It takes a little bit of space and time, and most likely some problem solving. But once you have your press put together,…


Wood Press from Craftandconcept.com